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Auto-Number Field Type

When do I use the Auto-number Field Type?

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What is the Auto-Number field?

This field automatically generates numbers whenever you update records across board fields. The numbers help to index records in the order they are created. Think of it like serial no. The first record on your board would likely have an auto number like 001, second 002, and so on

Special Features and Characteristics of Auto-number Field

Padding: Padding for Auto number field type is a feature that defines the total number of zeros you want before the exact value. here are different padding values and how its represented as records on a board.

Padding Value

Starting point











Starting Point: This defines the auto numbers' initial value, which displays as records should start with. if you set a starting point number as 1, then the initial auto number begins with the value 1 on the board.

How to create an Auto-Number Field on a Board

To create an Auto-Number field:

  1. Click on the + symbol to the right of the last field header in the Table view.

  2. This pops up a form page, on which you click on Field type to select the Auto-number field.

    💡 Note that Autonumber is a system-generated field type. 
  3. Input the field name and description. Then input values for padding and starting point.

  4. Mark the checkboxes at the bottom of the form page to assign special characteristics to the created field based on your preference.

  5. Then click on the submit button to append the field to the board.

When is an Auto-Number Field Required?

Use the Auto number field whenever you want to know the exact order of your records. You can also use this field to know the total number of records you have on your board.

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