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How can I use the radio button field type?

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What is the Radio Button Field Type?

The Radio button field type is similar to the dropdown field since it allows you to choose a value from a comprehensive list of options for a field.

However, the Radio button field depicts this value in a Radio button instead of a dropdown list.

For context, the radio button field allows you to create a radio button for two or more options under a category. This only allows a user to pick only one option choice.

So, clicking a non-selected radio button will deselect a previously selected button in this field.

How to create a Radio Buttons Field Type

To create a Radio Buttons Field:

1. Click on the '+' symbol on a pre-existing board to add this field type.

2. This pops up a field form on which you tap on the field type to reveal a dropdown list of varying field types.

3. Search and select the Radio Buttons Field.

4. Add a specific name and description(optional) for the Radio Button Field type. You can also input the appropriate characters for hints.

5. Add mutually exclusive buttons for the Radio buttons. Do this by typing each and tap on "Enter".

6. Make any of the subsequent checkboxes (Required, Hide on Table, and Make Field Unique) to depict special features for the Field.

7. Finally, click on the "Submit" button to append the field to the board.

How the Radio Buttons Field Works

When you click on the Radio button field type with option values, it displays a page where you select a single value option from a list.

💡Note:The Radio button field type does not accept default value outside the available options.

When should you use the Radio Button Field Type?

Use the Radio button field whenever you want to create pre-set options for any category. This field gives a good representation of pre-set options on a typical form.

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