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'Updated By' Field Type
'Updated By' Field Type

How can I use the updated by Field Type?

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What is the 'Updated By' Field?

The' Updated By' field allows you to know which of your team members or users made changes or edits to any record on the board. Whenever an edit is made to a record, the Updated By field shows the identity of such a user.

How to create an Updated By Field on a Board

To create an "Updated By" field:

  1. Click on Create New Fields button on a fresh board or click on the + symbol to the right of the last field header in the Table view.

  2. This pops up a form page, on which you click on Field type to select the "Updated By" field.

  3. Input the name and description.

  4. Then click on the submit button to append the field to the board.

When is a Created By Field Required?

Use this field whenever you wish to know who made changes to a record on your board. That helps foster a medium of transparency among your users.

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