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The Calendar View

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The Calendar View

With a date field type on your board, you can display your records as events on a calendar view. The calendar view allows you to look at your records based on the date and timeframe you specify.

Changing the Board to Calendar view

1. To change your default views to calendar view, click on the views button with an arrow on the view bar.

2. Then select calendar view from the list of options.

3. A prompt is displayed for you to select the Date field on your board. if you have two or more, you have to select one to display on the calendar view board.

Note: To change the board to calendar view you need a date field in your table view. Without it you can view your records as date events on your calendar.

4. Select a description for the date field for a good representation on the calendar. You can also mark the checkbox for recurring.

5. Then click tap on the "View" button to see the records on the calendar.

Customizing Calendar view

Here are some things you can do to customize the calendar view so you can get the best experience.

First off, you can check records on previous months or future events with the previous and next button tags. The Today tags direct you to records at the current time.

You can also customize the calendar to display with respect to Month, Week, Day, or as a list showing all records on the list with direct respect to date.

Should in case, you decide to change the date field, you can click on the "Change Date Field" button to select a new date field you have on your board.

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