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Quabbly Form Overview
Quabbly Form Overview

How does it work?

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Gathering information online can be done effectively by using online forms, from running surveys to getting feedback from customers. An online form makes handling this task a walk in the park.

With Quabbly you can create public forms that would aid in handling and storing information that you have requested from anyone on the web, after which you can perform various operations that you see fit all from inside Quabbly.

Users can collect data from anyone and populate them as records on your board. It's a perfect tool for collecting customer details, job applications, team logs, customer feedback, surveys, and other databases.

The forms are responsive and are quite mobile-friendly. That allows you to conform to your mobile and PC devices. Besides, you don't have to create forms from the scratch, as you can use the form API to generate forms automatically using existing fields on the board.

In fact, you get to decide which fields you want to add or remove on the forms, based on the information you wish to request from an external source.

Forms support various fields like file- for attachments, long text, short text, Dropdown-status, Checkboxes, Radio button, links, number, and email. You can share forms as links to get info from public sites or even generates HTML tags to embed them on a website.

They come in two categories in terms of visual representation, which are:

For context Classic forms gives a one-page view for different fields on your forms.

Meanwhile, Modern views display each field on your forms as a single page for a viewer to add or edit the information before submitting.

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