Managing Board Settings
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Board Settings

The board settings on a created board allow you to define different properties for a board. With this feature, you can do the following. This includes:

1. Edit Board

This board setting option allows you to change the name of the board, change the size, give it a new description and change the default view.

To edit a board - Click on the three dots icon (the more options menu)and select "Edit Board" from the dropdown options. This leads to a new form page with fields for Name, Size, Description, and Default view. Fill up the fields and append changes, then click on the "submit" button to initiate the edit.

2. Manage Fields

With Manage fields [link] you can change the order of a field, create a new field. it also gives you access to all the fields you have on the board. You can then edit or delete each individual field on the pop-up page.

3. Adding Board Members

if you want to add a user/member to a board from users in your account and assign roles based on the ones you set in your account, this is where you go to.

To add a user, select "Board Members" from the dropdown options in Board settings. this brings up a form with fields of users and roles. Select a user and select a specific role for anyone you add to the board. You can also delete a user, to prevent them from accessing your board.

4. Delete Boards

Here's where you permanently delete a Board from your board. Since this is destructive, you get a confirmation prompt asking whether you are sure of deleting your board.

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