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How to make my Form Type Modern?

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A modern form is presented in a slightly different way. Unlike the classic form, which shows all fields on a single sheet, the modern form shows each field separately.

Modern forms offer an interesting and unique perspective on forms.

Steps to creating a modern form;

  • Click on "Modern Forms"

    As soon as you click Generate forms, a page appears, asking you to choose a form type. There are two options, "Classic Forms" and "Modern Forms". In this section, we will look at Modern forms.

  • Add the Required Information

    Since you decided to proceed, this is the step where the main magic trick happens. Enter the name of the form, its description, and choose the expiry date of the form. You can also select the required fields to exclude and other fields to be included in the form you are creating.

    💡 Note: Expiry date should not be in the past, it should either be a present or future date

  • View Link

    After submitting the form, click the "View Form" button to open the form or copy the URL to your website.

💡 Note: You can change the "Form type" when you use the "edit form" feature, by clicking on the drop-down button under "form type".

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