Kanban View

The Kanban View

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The Kanban View

The Kanban view on Quabbly allows you to visualize your workflow in form of movable stack cards. This view is often associated with a particular field usually dropdown and allows your workflow to be moved between different options or values for the dropdown field.

For instance, if you create a board on recruitment, you may want to visualize all details about the employee on a single card. That way you see the image and specific details associated with a candidate.

If at the initial point, you create a dropdown field for both decisions and the interview stage you will be able to move the cards from one stack to another to dictate the current status of any candidate. it's that simple to use.

Changing the Board to Kanban View

Changing from your board default view to Kanban is quite simple. All you need do is move your cursor to the view button on the view bar. Click on the button and select Kanban view to effect the changes.

Changing the view gives you a prompt of which dropdown field you want to associate the view with. You can decide to change between different options if you have more than one dropdown view.

Stacks In Kanban

Each option for the dropdown field comes as stacks for Kanban view. It is these stacks that hold each record as a special category. Stacks consists of all the options defined in the dropdown field plus one uncategorized field.

The uncategorized stack is the one that doesn't have any record for the dropdown field.

Moving Card between Kanban Stacks

You can assign each record to different stacks on Kanban view using the drag and drop method. Just select the icon at the top-right of the card on a specific stack then drag to a new stack.

Customizing Cards in Kanban View

It's the cards in Kanban view that houses all related fields and records. Kanban view displays all the records on the card by default. However, you can choose which of the records you want to be visible on the card by using the "customize card".

To customize a card simply move your cursor to the "Customize card" button. this pops up a page with toggle buttons.

Simply select which field you want to toggle to show or hide the fields.

Filtering Records with Kanban View

To filter for specific records on boards with Kanban view, simply move your cursor to the view bar and click on the "Filter" button.

This leads to a filtering page where you add certain conditions for filtering records. You can read the article onboard filtering to understand the big picture

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