Gallery View

The Gallery View

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The Gallery View

Here is a special type of view that represents records in large cards. These cards are shown on the boards in a static form. With Gallery View, you can highlight your files, docs, images from your records.

Creating Gallery View

To create a gallery view, click the dropdown arrow in the view menu. Then select Gallery view from the options displayed. This will create a gallery view and automatically displays an attachment such as an image as a cover.

💡 Note: When viewing records in the gallery view, you will only be able to select a single record at a time. 

Customizing Gallery View

Customize the gallery view to show what field you want to represent on the board. You can make the custom change by tapping on Customize card button to display a page with fields having a toggle button. Toggle the button on or off to show a representation of the fields in Gallery view.

Filtering and Sorting in Gallery View

Filtering and sorting gallery cards work much as it does in grid view. To filter and sort records, click on the filter button which leads to a filter page. Click on "Add Filter" to state the conditions for which record to display in the Gallery view.

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