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Types of Views

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What are Board Views?

Views provide ways to which information on your board should be presented. With views you can achieve the following;

  • Make your records and fields easy to navigate based on specific criteria.

  • Show records on your board based on timelines as with the case of the calendar view.

To summarize, views depict the way you see the same underlying data on your board in different forms. With views you can see your data the same way even when you make you edit a particular view. in fact looking at your data on the board is a form of view.

When creating a new board, you have an option to select a default view. It can be any view from the following forms, which are;

  • Table View: Shows records and fields in a grid form similar to spreadsheets but with rows representing records and fields representing columns.

  • Calendar View: Shows record details based on a timeline and date in a calendar form.

  • Map View: Shows records based on a location on Google map.

  • Kanban View: Shows records in a visualized workflow in form of cards that you can move around based on peculiarities of the dropdown field.

  • Gallery View: Shows records in form of cards in static form. Unlike the Kanban view, it does not conform to any field on the board. you need a file view that contains an image to display this view.

  • Chart View: Allows you to generate insights and analytics in form of graphs from records on your board

💡 Note: Some of the forms conform to special fields. for example, the calendar view relies on Date and Time. Map view relies on the location field type to represent records on a Map. 

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