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Editing Forms

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Edit Form

This is a required option whenever you want to change certain information and pre-requisites on a generated form.

With the edit option, you can make changes to the Form name and description.

In fact, it allows you to switch between the different form types (Classic and modern) whether your form is active or inactive.

Steps to editing forms;

  • Go to "Forms"

    Click on forms, at the top right of your board, it shows all the forms you have created.

  • Click on the Option Menu

    Click on the three vertical dots by the right of any of the forms created and select the Edit Form. This pops up the form page where you append changes to the form.

Make Changes where Required

Once you click "Edit Form," you are taken to a page where you can make changes to the form based on the information you have entered.

  • Update Form

    By clicking on update, you can make any necessary corrections to your form information once you have completed editing the required fields.

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