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Bot Action: How Does it Work?

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A bot is a tool that revitalizes manual processes involved in

- Creating new records

- Transferring Records between boards

- Updating records on the board

- Sending Email Notifications

You can locate these bots whenever you navigate to Board settings and select the Manage Bots option as the first step to initiate a bot action.

Note: Bots can only be created by the account owner or super-user with full administration rights. No other user can make use of automation on the Quabbly board.

The whole concept of Bots lies in two major terms known as triggers and action.

A trigger is more like a condition you set on a source board to initiate an action for bots. You do have to set it all up with specific instructions so you can execute your actions clearly.

Trigger helps fire up a specific process you want your board to achieve, action is the step that marks the end of a process or workflow.

Here we have different Bot actions such as:

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