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How Email Bot Works?

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Send Email Bot

Email automation can be done using bots, which can be triggered by the Client's responses or feedback and can be timed for the promotion of products to clients, it is an automated marketing tool that can respond quickly to incoming email leads, it can be used to deliver customized email responses, allowing you to automatically respond with the right message and engage potential leads.

Steps on how to create an email bot

Select the board you wish to initiate a bot action

Go to Quabbly, create your Board, add fields, add records

Then, go to Bots

After creating your board with fields and records, click on the board and go to the right top corner to click on Bot, then click on "create bot"

Enter Bot name and description

Enter Bot's name and description before setting your condition.

💡 Note:the bot action cannot be triggered if you do not include the bot name and description.

Set Condition

After putting your Bot name and description, the next thing is to set the condition that suits the Bot action

Choose Bot action

Set the capabilities and parameters

After picking the bot action, set capabilities to send an email set parameters to send automated responses to an email provided by you.

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