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Forgot Your password?
Forgot Your password?

How To Recover Your Password

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We have figured out a way to get you connected to your account once more.

Get back on track in quick steps;

  1. On the login panel, click on ‘Forget your password?’. This action will redirect you to a new panel.

Type in your email address and click on Submit. We will send you instructions via email on how to reset your password.

Click on the reset password link or copy the link to your browser. This will direct you to a page where you can input your new password.

We recommend that you set a new password that is easy to remember. A standard password should contain at least eight characters. It should also contain an upper case letter, a symbol, or a number.

Once all the conditions have been fulfilled, proceed to submit. Your new password is now active, and you can log in with the new password to resume actions on your board.

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