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When do I use Short Text Field?

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What is the Short Text Field?

The short text field allows you to input bits of information on a single line of text. This field takes characters in a single line of text no matter the number of characters.

Special Features and Characteristics of Short Text Field

  • Capitalize your text at the first character

  • Capitalize all words

  • Convert words written to lowercase

  • Convert words to uppercase

How to create a Short Text Field on a Board

To create a Short Text field:

  1. Click on the + symbol to the right of the last field header in the Table view.

  2. This pops up a form page, on which you click on Field type to select the Short text field.

  3. Input the name and description. Then choose any of the transform features or properties you like.

  4. Set the minimum and the maximum number of characters for the field.

  5. Mark any of the boxes (Required, hide on Table and Mark Field unique) to define special characters for the field.

  6. Then click on the submit button to append the field to the board.

    When is a Short-Text Field Required?

This field is useful for adding basic information like names of employees, names of goods, addresses in a single-line format.

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