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How to Manage Users on Quabbly

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Do you want your team members or employees to have access to the board you create on Quabbly? Then you need to add them as users to your board. Our intuitive system allows you to add your teammates as users easily on any board you create on Quabbly.

As the owner of the account, you are automatically assigned the role of a super-user. Being a super-user gives you the overall power to change all functionalities on your board.

To add members to your board;

Click on your Board

Before a teammate can be added to a board, you must have created a Board with fields and records.

  • Click on the Options Menu an Add Board Members

    When you have selected the board you want to add team members to, click on the three vertical dots (options menu), then add board members

Select the User and Assign Role

After clicking on Board members, a page pops up, click on the "add users to board" button, then click on the dropdown option where you have to pick the name of the user and assign a role, the submit

  • Mail Verification

    After adding team members to the board, they get a mail asking them to

    "View Board" or copy a link and paste it on their browser. which gives them access to the Board.

As a super-user or super-Admin, you can assign sub-admin roles to some of your users to take up certain privileges. These include:

1. Adding New Users and Assigning Roles to the board

2. Viewing all Created Boards and Records by you or added users.

7. Create and Manage Dashboards

and more...

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