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Roles: Setting Up Roles
Roles: Setting Up Roles

This is a Guide to Setting Up Permissions and Roles

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Depending on the kind of business process you are using, you may need to set up roles and permissions for your users. Setting roles on a Board allows you to assign teammates to perform specific tasks.

You can grant teammates editing access to a board or make it read-only so they can only view it.

Step by step guide on Setting up Roles

  • Sign up to Quabbly

    The first step to settings roles on Quabbly is to create an account.

    Sign-up to create an account now.

  • Subscribe to a plan

    Setting up roles, requires you subscribe to one of our paid plans. Go to Manage Billing to review the payment plans and subscribe to the one that best suits you or your company.

  • Create a board

A board enables you to house and organize all your workflow, processes, and database. Go to Create Boards to learn the steps in creating a Board.

  • Go to settings

    Quabbly Settings Helps users customize their interface to suit their preferences.

  • Create new roles

To grant team members permission to access some of the features on your board, click on roles then click on Create new roles from the settings page.

💡 Note: you must have added teammates to your Board (Click Adding users to add new users)

  • Create New Roles

    When you click on "create new role" a page appears , where you assign roles and give Team members permissions to some of the features on your Board.

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