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Overview of Quabbly homepage
Overview of Quabbly homepage

An overview of Quabbly homepage

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Overview of the Quabbly homepage.

As a first-time user, you would receive a welcome message from the team. It might seem empty, don't panic, set up your boards and workflows.

You just opened the doors to your new apartment but it is empty. You make a mental note to start planning the interior design and furnishing later, then, proceed to have a feel of the new environment.

What does Quabbly home page contain?

A breath of fresh air?

Your Quabbly homepage still looks empty, but don’t worry, we will still get the chance to furnish it later. For now, let’s take have a look around.

On the left-hand side of your screen, we have the navigation panel. This panel shows a brief display of your dashboard, all boards, and even your workspace(board groups), allowing you to easily transition between your boards. This navigation panel stays out always- serving as an effective route to explore your boards.

Beside the navigation panel, there is a space where created board groups(annotated with black arrows) are displayed, you can create a new board group using the “Create Board group”(annotated with red arrow) or "Add Board group" (annotated with blue arrow) button. This button allows you to create a new board group that houses related boards.

In this board group, you can then create boards using the “Create Board” button.

This button allows you to design new boards from scratch. You can also observe that a similar button exists at the top right corner of your screen when you open a new board group.

When creating a new board, the different routes are important for different reasons. Using an existing template helps you save more time and gets you started in no time while starting from scratch allows you the needed flexibility for unique processes.

On the bottom left corner of your Quabbly home page, you will find the "Start learning button", this button leads to the Quabbly support page which contains detailed documentation on how Quabbly works, what Quabbly entails, all the features Quabbly has, and how you can use Quabbly.

On the bottom right corner of your Quabbly home page, you will find the "Intercom Icon". This icon lets you communicate with the customer success team at Quabbly. Here, you can lodge your complaints whenever you are having issues with the platform or you need clarity or help with anything relating to Quabbly, you can also request a Demo here.

Also, there is the search button beside the create board group button, this button is used to search board groups.

Lastly, we have an icon at the top right corner, which has your initials on it and this contains the settings and the logout option. The settings give you control, You can edit your company profile, change your password, collaborate with others (add users), assign roles to your team, manage your billings, generate API keys, and many more.

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