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When should I use the Date Field Type?

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What is the Date Field type?

The date field helps you to add records like start date, date due, expiring date to your board.

How to create a Date Field Type on a Board

To create a Date Field:

- Click on Create New Fields button on a Fresh board or click on the '+' sign to the right of the last field header in the table view of an existing board.

- This pops up a form page, tap on the Field type, and choose Date from the dropdown list of fields.

- Then add names and descriptions into their respective fields. Depending on your choice, you can add a Hint and placeholder.

- Set the minimum and maximum date for the field.

- Make any of the checkboxes (Allow Multiple Date, Required, Hide on Table and Make Field unique) to depict special features for the on the board.

How does the Date Field Work?

Anytime you click inside the record to add a date, a new page pops up and lets you set the time on a calendar. It will open by default to the current date. You can manually pick the date, change the month and year on the calendar, click outside to append the changes, and then tap the save button.

When is the Date Field Required?

Dates can be used to add items like date acquired, expiring date, start date, end date.

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