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How can I use the Distance Field Type?

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What is the Distance Field Type?

The distance Field type is a form of formula field type that helps present the accurate distance or length between two locations on the board. This Field relies on two location Field types to automatically calculate the distance in Kilometers.

How to create the Distance Field

1. Click on the "Create New Board" button on a fresh board or the '+' symbol on a Field header.

2. This pops up a field form page on which you tap type to reveal a dropdown list of different field types.

3. Search and select the Distance field type(Note that the distance field type is a system-generated field type).

4. Add a specific name and description (optional) for the field.

5. Select the appropriate location field type for Start Location and End location option.

6 Mark any of the checkboxes (Hide on Table, Make Field Unique) to add extra features to the Field.

7. Then click on the "Submit" button to append the distance field to the board.

How does the Distance Field Work?

Distance Field automatically calculates the accurate distance (km) between two locations. That occurs once you add accurate addresses as represented on Google maps on the fields.

When should you use the Distance Field?

Use the distance field whenever you want to estimate the exact distance between two locations. A logistic company can use this field to calculate cost per distance for the movement of freight goods.

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