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How can I use the File Field Type?

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What is the File Field?

With File Field, you can turn your board to a typical Dropbox or Google drive. This field allows you to keep docs. spreadsheets and images on your board.

You can use a file field on a recruitment board to take photos of different job candidates.

This Field gives you the option to specify what type of file you want to attach to the board. You have options like All, Documents, and images.

Choosing All as the Default value allows you to keep both pictures and doc files on the same File field. While image lets you attach image files to the board, at the same time defining the size resolution.

How to create a File Field on a Board

To create a File field:

  1. Click on Create New Fields button on a fresh board or click on the + symbol to the right of the last field header in the Table view.

  2. This pops up a form page, on which you click on Field type to select the File field.

  3. Input the name and description. Then choose the type of file the field should have (images, docs, or both).

  4. Mark any of the boxes (Required and Hide on Table ) to define special characters for the field.

  5. Then click on the submit button to append the field to the board.

When is a File Field Required?

This is a good field to use when you want to attach files like invoices, pictures, signed contracts, and legal documents to your board. Not to worry, your files are completely safe and secure.

How File Field Type Record Activities are Presented.

All activities (such as updating, replacing, or deleting) carried out on a file field type are recorded under the activities section,

Navigating Through Multiple Files on a Record

The file field type allows the upload of multiple images. You can upload three images at a go and upload as much as you want all together. You can also navigate through multiple files.

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