What is the Link Field Type?

A link field is a form of short text field that allows you to add URLs of a website to your board. So, if you want to create a directory for different companies linked to your organization along with their appropriate website address, then this field will come in handy.

How to create a Link Field

To create the link field:

1. Click on Create New Fields button on a Fresh board or click on the '+' sign to the right of the last field header in the table view of an existing board.

2. This pops up a form page, tap on the Field type, and choose the "Link" field from the dropdown list.

3. Then add names and descriptions into their respective fields. You can also decide to add a placeholder and hint to the field.

4. Mark any of the checkboxes (Allow Multiple Date, Required, Hide on Table and Make Field unique) to depict special features for the on the board

What can you do with Link Field?

This field type makes it easier for you to connect to a supplier's website or keep a tracklist of your client details and their website address.

💡Note:Any record added to the link field type automatically has the "https://" appended to it regardless of if it was initially added or not.
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