Location Field Type

How can I use the Location Field Type?

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Location Field Type

The location field type allows you to add addresses that correlate with actual ones on Google maps. With this field, you can make emphasis on the actual address of your clients and their business site.

How to create a Location Field Type on a Board?

To create a Location Field:

1. Click on the "Create New Board" button on a fresh board or '+' sign on the field header

2. This pops up a form page on which you tap on the type and select 'Location' from the dropdown list of fields.

3. Add a name and description(optional) for the field.

4. Then make any of the subsequent checkboxes (Required, Hide on Table and Make Field unique) for better representation of the field on the board.

5. Click on the 'Submit' button to append the location field to the board.

How does the Location Field Work?

When adding a record to the location field, it suggests real addresses from Google Maps. You can pick any of the actual addresses for the field to add successfully to the board.

When is the Location Field Required?

This is the right field for a Logistics business. That way you can ensure freight goods gets to the right location when you assign a rider as a team to your board.

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