What is the Money Field Type?

The Money Field is a number field that helps you format a number (monetary amount) in relation to a currency type.

How to create a Money Field Type.

To create a money field type:

-Click on the '+' sign to the right of the last field header in the table view of an existing board.

- This pops up a form page, tap on the Field type, and choose Money from the dropdown list.

- Then add name and description into their respective fields, then click on currency field to select the currency type to represent on board

- Depending on your choice, you can also add placeholder, hint, and any option from thousand separator.

- Choose a minimum and maximum value to input in the field.

- Make any of the checkboxes (Required, Hide on Table, and Make Field unique) to depict special features for the field on the board

When is the Money Field Required?

You should use the field to track payroll, Monthly recurring revenue as a startup, prices of goods as a small business owner

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