Paystack Field Type

How can I use the Paystack Field Type?

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Paystack Field Type

Paystack is a fintech company that aids ease of business transactions by helping these businesses get payments anywhere in the world.

With the Paystack field type on Quabbly you can automate these transactions in real time. As a vendor, retailer, or non-profit you can see the status of Payments directly on your board when a user pays to your paystack account.

Here’s how to add a paystack field type, but first you need a paystack account. That way you can fetch a secret key and public key for access to Paystack’s API.

How to get Secret and Public keys for Paystack’s API

⦁ Go to the official website for Paystack ( and click on log in.

⦁ Input your email address and password to access your account.

⦁ Once you are in, navigate to the settings section then click on API and webhooks.

⦁ This displays both your public and private key for Paystack API access on your Quabbly account.

⦁ Copy out both keys and go back to your Quabbly account

How to Add Paystack Field Type

To create the Paystack field type.

⦁ Click on Create New Fields button on a fresh board or click on the + symbol to the right of the last field header in the Table view of an existing board.

⦁ A slider pops out, here you search for Paystack field type (paystack field appears under the system generated section.

⦁ Here you click on Paystack, add a field name and description.

⦁ Then add the private and public API keys you copied from Paystack to set up the Paystack integration as a field type.

⦁ Choose between field and value to add the default amount you want to receive whenever people pay through payment methods you need.

Selecting a field means you choose a specific field like money or number where you have a set amount already. Value requires you to put a default amount you need irrespective of whether you have a money or number field on your board

⦁ Then click on the “Create Field” button to add paystack field type to the board.

Using the Paystack Field Type

Paystack Field type is mainly used with forms to receive payments. To use a paystack field type you need to create a public form (whether modern or classic) and send the form link to whoever wants to make payment. Your customer simply fills the form and makes payment through the form.

This reflects on your board records coming from the form including Payment status and reference ID.

When Payment is successful, you get a Paid status in paystack field type and vice-versa.

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