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How can I use the Rank Field Type?

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What is the Rank Field?

The Rank Field allows you to determine the relative position of your numeric field. That's like a unique identifier of the position of each number in a numeric field(such as the number field, money field, or formula field ).

For Instance, in a school setting, this field type can be used to determine the position of students in a class

💡 Note: Using the rank field type requires you to connect to a Number field  before it can work.

How to create a Rank Field on a Board

Before you create a Rank field on your board, you need to add a number field type. You can check the help tutorial on how to create a number field type to do that.

To create a Rank field:

1. Click on the '+' sign to the right of the last field header (table view).

2. This pops up a form page, tap on the Field type, and select the rank from the dropdown list.

3. Then add field names and descriptions into their respective fields.

4. Add a corresponding Number Field type to the barcode.

5. Click on Create

How it Works

The rank automatically generates the position of each numeric value in the Number field you selected.

When is a Rank Field Required?

Use the Rank field when you want to know the position of numbers in a number field

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