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Record Key Field Type

How can I use the record key field type?

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What is Record Key?

The Record Key field gives a unique identification for every record you create on your board. That way you and your team can look up a specific record from a large pool just with the ID.

It works just like the auto-number field, but takes more than number characters and can be customized with varying colors.

How to create Record Key Field

To create the Record Key Field:

1. Click on the '+' symbol by the right side of the field header.

2. This pops up a form page where you click on the field type.

3. Search and select the Record Key field from the dropdown list of fields, then add name and description (optional) to the field form.

4. Click on the color field to add a custom color for aesthetic representation.

5. Mark visible on the Table to showcase the field on the board.

6. Finally, click on the "Submit" button to append the field to the board.

How Record Key Field works

The Lookup Field automatically assigns an ID tag in an ascending serial pattern. It comes in a format like this: First Characters for the Board Name, a hyphen, then a serial number.

What can you do with Record Key Field?

This field comes in handy for an inventory board where you have a list of goods and other related items on the board. That way you can easily look up a specific supply with the ID tag.

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