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Sub Record Field Type

How can I use the Sub Record Field Type?

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Sub-Record Field Type

A sub-record field type is a field that connects a row of records from another board to

another. With sub-record, you can set an entire row of records each belonging to a

particular field type on a board.

The linking factor comes from a link to record field type, so records with a similar link to record linked to a primary field will have sub-records within them.

The sub-records pertain to records with similar fields the records are coming from.

How to create a Sub-Record Field Type

  1. From the board you want records to appear as sub-records, create a link to record to any field on a parent board. That would act as the primary field from which you create the sub-record field.

    Here, "Goods ordered" is a link to record field

  2. With your primary field ready, Click on the '+' sign to the right of the last field the header on the current board.

  3. This pops up a modal or slider to display all field types (including system-generated ones) you can create on your board.

  4. Here you can scroll through or type Sub-record, select the field type, and input field name and description.

  5. Then select the primary field in which the sub-record board has a unique link to record to

  6. Select the board to act as a sub-record. The board must have a unique link to the record field linking to the primary field on the current board.

  7. Then select the form you want to display the sub-record (either as a number of records or a function value).

  8. To display as function value you need to have a number or money field type as part of your sub-record. You can choose to display functions like the Sum, Average, Median, Minimum, Maximum, Variance, or Standard Deviation.

  9. Once you have all set up, click on “Create Field” to add a sub-record field to your parent board.

Why a Sub-Record Field Type?

You use a sub-record field type when you want to establish a relationship between two records in such a way you can view the stated record from the other board right on the parent board.

It has the best use case for the manufacturing industry, Database management, purchases, documentation, and other diverse cases.

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