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Link to Record Field Type

How can I use the Link to Record Field Type?

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Link To Record Field Type

The link to record field type allows you to access records under a specific field on a board as a record on another board. You can use the Link to Record field to access records in a short text, long text, money, number, dropdown, and other field types from a pre-existing board on another board.

With Link to record, you do not have to reinvent the wheel with record creation. So let’s say you have a database of employees with a short text field containing names, if you need to put the same record in a similar board, all you need to do is create a Link To Record.

How to Create a Link to Record

1. Click on the “Create New Field” button on a Fresh board or click on the '+' sign to the

right of the last field header in the table view of an existing board.

2. This pops up a modal or slider to display all field types you can create on your board.

3. Simply scroll through or type Link to Record to pick this specific field.

4. Then type in Field name and description and specify the board you need to link

records from.

5. Once you have specified the board you get a new dropdown of fields you need to

extract records from.

6. You can then decide to add a filter value based on attributes of specific records you

want on the board.

7. Mark any of the checkboxes (Hide the field, make field unique and required) based on the characteristics you want the field to have.

8. Then click on submit.

Why Link to Record field?

You use a link to record field type whenever you want to establish a one to one

relationship between two boards.

Link to record field type gives you the ability to access records from another board either from a single field or an entire row of records. Besides its a prerequisite field for creating field types like sub-records and lookup.

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