Dashboards make reporting easy for any use case, be it Business management, Project management, Human resources, and Event Planning. On Quabbly, Dashboards allow you to add historic data from your boards. That includes data from Board functions, widgets, and charts. That way you can separate the most important aspect of your business data from clutters on your board.

Dashboards are important if you want to track progress as a project manager, budget as a financial analyst, and for other agile processes.

Adding a Dashboard includes;

Go to Dashboard

From the Quabbly home page, click on Dashboard at the navigation pane.

Click on create Dashboard

Once you land on the dashboard page, click on Create a Dashboard (if empty) or Add a Dashboard if you have previously created a dashboard.

Add the Dashboard name

Add the name of the Dashboard and click on Create.

Voila! you have added a new Dashboard

However, your Dashboard isn’t populated with any data or charts, to populate a dashboard you need to pin items (charts and functions) from a board.

To pin a Chart to a Dashboard:

Create a chart view

Provided you have a Board, you have to create a Chart view

Click on the chart view

Go to the board, you have the chart view on, and click on the chart view

Pin chart to Dashboard

when you click on chart view, go to the right top corner and pin to dashboard.

To pin function to a dashboard

Create a board with a formula field type

To have a function value, you need to create a board with formula field type

Go to function and add value

After creating your formula field type and inputting the values, go to functions at the top right corner of the board, enter name, fields, function type, date filter, and choose where to pin it to, then create

Pin function to dashboard

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