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Integration Overview

Working with integrations : How to Integrate Third-Party Applications

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One of the amazing perks of working with Quabbly is that you get to bring most of your work apps including email to the platform.

You can manage your business processes more effectively.

Google Calendar, Google Slack, and Gmail are among the integrations

Our team is working around the clock to make most of these apps available on our platform.

First, let's take a look at how this works.

The process involves two steps:

Activating the integrated app

First off, we have a list of possible integrations on the Settings page.

To see them;

1. Log in to your account here

2. click on your profile avatar at the top-right corner

3. Select settings from the dropdown

4. Go to General and navigate to integration

💡 Note: some of the integrations require you to supply an API key from the external app while others use direct authentication. 

5. Tap on any integration you can find and click connect to Activate

Perform an action

Quabbly's integrations work along with workflow to perform an action. This is all controlled through the Quabbly board.

Here's a list of integrations you can access from the workflow.

Termii, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Wattbank, Facebook Ads, Slack, Dropbox,

Google Calendar, Google Drive, LinkedIn, and Gmail

To make use of the activated integration

  • Go to any of the boards you need to trigger an action.

    Click on the board you want to create your workflow on

  • Click on workflow

    Click on workflow and create the workflow, then set a name and description

  • Set a trigger condition

Based on-field and record on the board). Click here to learn more about Workflow triggers

  • Go to Jobs

    Click on Select Job and pick any of the integration (e.g slack)

  • Pick a capability

    Click on next and set the required parameters for the Workflow to act on with integration, then click on create Workflow.

💡 Note: Ensure the workflow you set is activated, update and create a record relative to the bot trigger to perform the set capability along with parameters for the integration
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