Lookup Field Type

How can I use the Look Up Field Type?

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Lookup Field Type

Lookup allows you to view records without a direct relationship from a board to another board.

To create a Lookup field type you need to fulfill the following conditions:

1.Create two boards on your account with a former board containing pre-existing fields

and records.

2.Create a link to record field type

On this board, “Goods ordered” is a link-to-record field type

How to create a Lookup Field Type

  1. Follow the process required to create a link to record field type to another board.

  2. Then click on the '+' sign to the right of the last field header on the current board.

  3. This pops up a modal or slider to display all field types (including system-generated ones) you can create on your board.

  4. Here you can scroll through or type the Lookup field (that’s under system generated) to pick this field type.

  5. Fill in details such as the field name and description and pick the link to record field that exists on the board.

  6. That displays a list of other fields that exists on other board you can get records from

  7. Select any of the fields and mark any of the checkboxes to assign field characteristics to the field.

  8. Click on the “Create Field” button to add the field to the board.

Why Lookup Field?

In case you need to check for other records from your board that are related to a field

on a former board, you have a link to record connecting with.

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