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This is your personal API Key, It's required in order to use certain features such as (bots and third-party applications) on Quabbly.

Your personal API key has access to all the data on your Quabbly Account.
Only share this key with third-party services and applications that you trust.

To Generate API KEYS:

  • Go to Settings

    Go to settings and click on the name icon at the top right corner of your home page, it brings a dropdown option, go ahead to click on settings

  • Click on "API keys"

    API (application programming interface) key acts as an authentication token or a unique identifier. The keys consist of codes passed between an API and an application service.

  • Click on Generate API key

    With the Generate button, you can generate the tokens and codes that will allow you to use certain features and applications integrated with Quabbly.

  • Copy the Link

    Depending on where the key is required, you might need to copy the link, then paste it where needed.

  • Regenerate

    The settings page allows you to regenerate API keys, just as when you generated the API key, but in this case, click regenerate after you generated the API key.

    Your applications must then be updated to use the newly generated keys.

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