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How to Change your Password?

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Passwords are changed by users when they need to enter a new one for their accounts. A password change notification is sent before the change is made.

Thus, a user must always enter his or her old password before being allowed to change it.

Steps to Change Password

  1. Go to Settings

    Quabbly Settings helps users customize their interface to suit their preferences.

  • Click on "Change Password"

    A user changes their password either due to a threat to the account or because they have forgotten their password.

Enter your Old and New Password

For you to continue the steps in changing your password, you need to input your Old password(existing one) and input your new password (fresh password)

Confirm Password

Input the old and new passwords, then validate the new one by entering it exactly as it appears in the "new password" box.

💡 Note: It is important to have a combination of characters and symbols to form a strong password.
  • Save Changes

    This is the final step in changing a password. After confirming your password, click "save changes" to complete the process.

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