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The integration of Quabbly with LinkedIn allows you to stay in touch with your business connections while uploading articles, images, and posts.

First, let's take a look at how this works. There are two steps involved.

Go to settings

  • Click on the name icon on the top right of your home page then click on settings.

Click on Integration

On the settings page, click Integration. Next, scroll down and click Linkedin.

Connect to Linkedin

You can connect to Linkedin by clicking "Connect to Linkedin", a page will appear, enter your email address and password, and then activate.

Perform an Action

To make use of Linkedin, you need to perform an action by following these steps;

5. Pick a capability.

6. Click on Create Workflow.

  • Pick a Board

Go to any of the boards you need to trigger an action.

  • Click on workflow

    Create a workflow, set a name and description

Set a trigger condition

Based on-field and record on the board (Click here to learn more about Workflow triggers)

Go to Jobs

Go to jobs and select Linkedin

Set your capabilities.

Click on next and set the required parameters for the Workflow to act on with integration, then click on create Workflow.

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