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Admins can disable users from creating records in a board, by setting a role that prevents a user (with access to a Quabbly board) from creating a record for a specific field. Thus, a user can only view record input for that specific field, but not create it. You can accomplish this by creating a role that includes a subset called Disable create records from the role, but this comes with two steps

💡 If you haven't added a user to your account, click here to add one now. Only a Paid Feature.

Creating a Role

Steps in creating a role:

  • Go to Settings

Go to settings from your profile avatar at the top right of your profile page and select General.

  • Click on Roles

Tap on roles on the left-hand side, then tap on create a new role

  • Select all permissions

Select all permissions you need in a set order

  • Locate Disable create-record

In particular, locate Create Record from Role

  • Select Boards and fields

Select the board and specific field(s) from the board

  • Click on Submit

Then click on the submit button to create the role.

Adding New Users

To add users to the board

  • Go to the Board

Go to a select board on your account and click on invite user.

  • Select a user

Select a specific user and then set role created (with Disable user from editing a field) in that board.

💡 With this criteria set, the non-admin user no-longer has access to edit records for a specific field right on the board.

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