Workflows are a series of industrial, administrative, or other operations that take a piece of work from start to finish. Workflows may be found in a wide range of organisations and sectors. When data is shared between people and/or systems, a process is created.

There are single-action and multi-action workflows.

Single-Action Workflows consist of a single trigger event and a single action. That means you automate your business process to do a single task in response to a trigger event.

Multi-Action Workflows consist of a single trigger event and multiple actions. That means your workflow can perform two or more actions in response to a trigger event

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a workflow

Creating a workflow is quite easy.

For example, say you make use of Slack to keep tabs on your team's performance and communicate on relevant issues that foster the growth of your organization. You may want to automate the process of keeping tabs on what goes on in your Slack channels. You can easily set a workflow to notify you via Gmail, everytime a message is posted to a public channel on slack.

Prefer a walkthrough video?

Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Click on "Workflows" from your Homepage

Click on Workflows

Step 2: Click on "Create Workflow"

Click on Create Workflow

Step 3: Title your workflow as "Send email notification" or whatever you will like to tag it as

Type "Send email notification"

Step 4: Click on "Add Trigger"

Click on Add Trigger

Step 5: Click on 'Slack-New Message Posted to a Public Channel'

Click on document

Step 6: Click on "Select An Account" to connect your Slack account

Click on Select An Account

Step 7: Select the public channel you will like to get notifications from

Click on option

Step 8: Click on "Continue - Setup Condition"

Click on Continue - Setup Condition

Step 9: Click on "Test Trigger" - this lets you know if the trigger is active

Click on Test Trigger

Step 10: Click on "Continue - Setup Action"

Click on Continue - Setup Action

Step 11: Click on "Gmail-Send Email"

Click on document

Step 12: Click on "Select An Account" to connect your Gmail account

Click on Select An Account

Step 13: A dialogue box will pop up. Here you get to add the Gmail address you will like to receive the notifications and customize the body of the email notification. This includes the Subject, Text etc.

Type "<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"></a>"

Step 14: Click on Test Action

Click on Test Action

Step 15: Click on Save Workflow

Click on Save Workflow

Step 16: Type whatever you will like to describe the workflow as, 'This is how to create a workflow' is used here as an example. Click on "Save" and your workflow will become active.

Type "This is how to create a simple workflow."

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